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Acts 6:1-8


New Years Sermon: Who do you trust?

Isaiah 36-37


The First Christians

Acts 11:19-30


Deep Church: A Third Way Beyond Emerging and Traditional

Click here to download the introduction to Deep Church About Deep Church If you feel caught between the traditional church and the emerging church, Jim Belcher's "Deep Church" forges a third way. He explores and evaluates the proposals of emerging church leaders and paints a picture of what an alternate, deep church looks like--a missional church committed to both tradition and culture, valuing innovation in worship, arts and community but also creeds and confessions. Who is Deep Church written for? Deep Church is written for those who are caught in between. It is for those who are unhappy with the present state of the evangelical church. They find themselves agreeing with aspects of both sides of the debate and are confused by the tone of the dialogue. They don’t know who to trust. Is there, they wonder, a third way? Deep Church has also been written for those on the outside who want to understand the debate. They are new to the conversation and want to understand what all the excitement is over. They have heard of the Emerging Church but have no idea what the term stands for or what it is advocating. For example, they are wondering:

  • What is the history behind the divide between the emerging and traditional church?

  • Why is the debate between these two groups important?

  • What are the main areas of dissatisfaction the emerging church has with the traditional church?

  • What are the three main camps in the emerging church?

  • How has the traditional church pushed back?

  • Is there a way beyond the stalemate?

  • How is the Deep Church defined?

  • How does it respond to the seven main areas of emerging protest?

"A marvelously reliable guide--indeed I know of none better--for our much-needed efforts to go deeper as churches by mining the depths of the gospel for creative and faithful ministry in the strange and exciting new world of the twenty-first century."
—from the foreword by Richard J. Mouw, president, Fuller Theological Seminary
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